Stefanie Waller







If you've ever watched the 1980s action-adventure series, MacGyver, you’ll know that MacGyver could find his way out of any predicament with nothing more than his trusty Swiss Army knife, some duct tape and a wad of gum.

Stefanie Waller is our very own MacGyver.

She too has made extraordinary things out of ordinary objects.

Stefanie (that’s spelled with an “f”) has a unique ability to create something out of nothing. For example, she can take a few basic ingredients and whip up the most mouth-watering Italian recipes, including pasta with escarole and beans, minestrone soup, cheesecake and lemon ricotta cookies (at least that’s what she tells us… we're still waiting for our samples).

She even has experience of turning a hobby into dollars; she once started a side business making beaded jewelry. And, if all that's not enough, she's turned a not-so-attractive garden into a picturesque landscape featuring some of the most aromatic petunias and remarkable hydrangeas this side of the planet has ever seen.

When she’s not doing the extraordinary, you’ll often find Stefanie with her husband, Elliott, cheering her daughters, Ava and Cameron, on at various sporting events. She’s also active in the Saddle River Valley Jr. Women’s Club, donating her time as a co-membership director.

Prior to joining Vision Retirement, Stefanie spent over ten years in the financial services industry working at Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital, primarily in the area of Finance. She earned a Bachelor of Science in finance from Lehigh University and spent time studying abroad at New York University in France.