Joanne Raso Rosenblatt






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Joanne is like (and would like) a box of chocolates.

Her personality is sweet, she solves a multitude of problems and she compliments—in this case— the skillsets of our team. (Many of us here believe chocolate should, and sometime does, compliment every meal.)

Speaking of sweets, when not at work, Joanne has a “bad” habit of baking soft, sugary cookies, crafting a variety of mouthwatering pies and making delicious chocolate brownies immersed in fudge for a few lucky recipients—specifically her husband Lewis and her kids Margaret, Steven and Matthew. We’re hopeful (some of us are actually praying) she’ll soon have that same “problem” for her co-workers—especially the one writing this bio! When not baking, some of her favorite activities include time at the beach, listening to country music (she turns bright red when you mention Brett Eldredge), sewing and watching Yankees games.

From a very young age, Joanne had aspirations of working on Wall Street. Her dream drove her to eventually earn a degree in Finance from the University of Scranton with a concentration in mathematics (she can calculate the square root of 767,453.3 in her head). She then fulfilled her aspirations by starting a successful career with Goldman Sachs, and then later worked with AIG Investment Advisors.

After taking time off from Wall Street to start a family, she re-entered the workforce and took on various roles—most of which involved helping small organizations better organize and manage their financials. She’s also volunteered her time as president and treasurer of her local PTA.  

 Prior to joining Vision Retirement, Joanne worked for the North Jersey Friendship House—a nonprofit with a mission to build the skills of individuals with varying abilities and developmental needs.