Retirement planning can be
complicated and overwhelming.

We can help simplify your journey.



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You deserve professional guidance, so we purposefully created Vision Retirement to be different from other brands.

Here’s how you’ll benefit.

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Unlike many traditional retirement planning firms, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for the money you are paying.
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We deliver plans and advice you can implement with us, apply on your own or take elsewhere.
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Clarity & Guidance.
We have the technical know-how to provide you with a disciplined approach to planning your retirement—with the emotional guidance you need.
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Access to advice from real qualified professionals (humans).
Unlike other firms, we believe robots are great for vacuuming floors—not for providing you with practical retirement advice.
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An extra layer of
accountability and oversight.

That’s because client assets are held by an independent 3rd-party custodian—not by us.
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Objective advice.
For starters, we don't sell any proprietary products. In addition, as an independent firm, we act as a fiduciary and are held to a higher standard.



Meet our vision-airies.

It's what we call our employees.






Our personalities may be different,
but we all share the same mission.

"Meet" the employees whose sole mission is to provide clarity and guidance so you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free retirement. Hover over each image to get better acquainted, but beware—you may discover a little more than you really want to know.

Bill Stavros  Chief Operating Officer

Bill Stavros
Chief Operating Officer

Jason Ellis,    ChFC®, CRPC®  Managing Director & Wealth Advisor

Jason Ellis,

Managing Director & Wealth Advisor

Joanne Raso Rosenblatt  Office Manager
Ghada Hart   Operations Assistant

Ghada Hart
Operations Assistant

Stefanie Waller  Operations Assistant

Stefanie Waller
Operations Assistant