Frequently Asked Questions

And answers to some not so common ones.








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  • I live outside of New Jersey. Can I still become a client?

    Yes. We hold licenses in many states. In fact, many of our clients end up moving away from the high taxes, heavily trafficked highways, and brutally cold winters of New Jersey in search of new pastures.

  • Is there a minimum amount of money I need to have/invest to become a client?

    No. In addition to ensuring our services are fairly priced, we’ve also made them affordable to everyone. This means that regardless of your net worth, you have an opportunity to receive truly objective planning and advice. For example, our most basic offering, Core Vision, is available for just $49 a month.

  • If I choose to implement with you, do I have to move all my investments?

    No. It's completely up to you what and how much you want to invest with us.

  • How are fees calculated?

    Very fairly and transparently. We charge a monthly fee for advice and planning packages and a percentage of your investments should you choose to implement with us. Full details can be found by clicking here.

  • How often can I expect to meet with my advisor?

    In short, whenever you want. With that said, we conduct annual checkups for all clients and issue planning updates as often as quarterly for Total Vision clients. If you choose to implement with us, we’ll closely monitor all of your accounts, which means we’ll occasionally feel the need to reach out to you to discuss any changes you should be aware of.

  • I really love the team at Vison Retirement. How can I work there?

    Okay… You got us! While it’s true that we made up this question, it’s also true that we’re always looking for talented people who believe in our mission: To provide clarity and guidance so clients can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free retirement. For current employment opportunities or to add your resume to our database, please click here.

  • How often will I receive statements and other information?

    Typically, you will receive a monthly statement and a quarterly performance report. You can opt to receive these documents either by mail or online.

  • I’m an existing client and I see you have a nice kitchen in your Ridgewood office. While I meet with you, it is okay if my cookies bake in your oven?

    Absolutely. We created our Home Office in Ridgewood to make employees and clients feel like they're in the comfort of their very own homes. However, you may not want to leave your cookies unattended for too long; rumor has it there are a few cookie monsters roaming the premises.

  • Why choose Vision Retirement over a national or more well-known brand?

    For starters, our mission is to provide you with clarity and guidance so you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free retirement. And we’ll do everything possible to help you pursue that. What’s more, if you’re against firms selling proprietary products, advisors earning commissions every time they sell you a product, getting retirement advice from a robot, having to pay more than you should, and advisors who are also money managers, then you should choose us.

    Phew, that was a long response! We also tried to fit in that we have some really smart, down to earth people with great values, but we were tight on space.

  • Do you offer any educational services for young adults?

    Not yet. However, we do plan on offering a series of periodic webinars on financial planning for young adults. If interested, please let us know by submitting this form.