We're committed to giving back.

Introducing VisionGives:


Our firm's philanthropy program.

Many of us have run and served on the boards of various nonprofits, so we understand their unique challenges of generating awareness, building new connections and raising funds without significantly increasing expenses. We want to help local nonprofits overcome these challenges and more effectively deliver on their missions.

That's why we created VisionGives—a philanthropic program of Vision Retirement.

Powered by the talent and generosity of our employees and clients, VisionGives creates events, invites donors and potential collaborators, and raffles off checks made out to various local nonprofits. The recipients of these checks are actually determined by our clients. When attending a VisionGives event, you get to name a charity of your choice to be a potential beneficiary.

So whether it's improving financial literacy, employing adults with disabilities or providing opportunities for disadvantaged children, together we can make a difference—right in our own backyard.

For more details and upcoming events, visit the VisionGives website.