Jeremy Stack






Introducing Vision Retirement’s own version of Usain Bolt.

Minus the fortune, fame, Olympic medals and world-records. Oh, and he lacks lightning speed.

Meet Jeremy Stack, our Lead Financial Planning Specialist. Like Usain Bolt, he’s also a runner and someone with lofty ambitions with his feet (his goal is to run a marathon in every state). Admittedly, the similarities end there, since that’s all we could think of at time of publishing (sorry Jeremy, we really tried).

Jeremy comes to us with a B.S. in Business Management from Penn State University and also holds a certificate in exercise science and nutrition (a bad fit with Paul’s snack habits if you ask the anonymous person who wrote this). Most importantly, he has an unrivaled passion for financial planning and is currently pursuing the CFP® certification in which he expects to take the exam by the end of 2019.

When he’s not tearing up the pavement or opening a riveting book on tax planning, Jeremy loves to spend time with his wife Kristen and their daughter Olivia (they are expecting their second child in June). He also enjoys cooking, listening to 70’s classic rock and occasionally “cheating” by scarfing down some pizza and oatmeal raisin cookies. Jeremy is also a fan of Kill Bill movies (an omen being that we have a Bill on staff? Time will tell.), enjoys an occasional round of golf and also enjoys watching the Brooklyn Nets and New York Yankees.