A path towards a more simplified retirement journey for your members starts here.

Thank you for visiting our website! While we can talk for a long time and bore you to tears, we thought it would be best to get right to the point so you can go back to helping members with their financial goals. That said, below you’ll find a variety of helpful tools created exclusively for front-line employees of credit unions—and designed to help you better deliver outstanding member experiences.


Below are a few videos to help you get started.


Introduction to Vision Retirement
Our brief explainer video will give you an overview of Vision Retirement and describe what makes us different (and more member-centric) than some of the bigger, well-known brands. We thought video format would be a better way to present such information. We hope you agree! If not, get the transcript below.



How to get Referrals
Wouldn’t it be great if all members just told you exactly what they needed? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The good news is this short tutorial will help you better identify opportunities to meet the unmet retirement needs of members. Don’t care for videos? Get the transcript below.



A few things we’ve learned along the way
Fortunately, we have several years (counting makes us feel old) of experience working with credit unions, employees and their members. As a result, we wanted to share some helpful tips—things we learned along the way that will better prepare you in speaking with members. Get the transcript below.



Additional Tools

We’ll do our best to provide you with as many tools as needed. For now, take a peek at what we have to offer below.


Retirement Planning 101
As we mentioned in our videos, planning for retirement can be complicated and overwhelming. Sometimes, we all just need to take a step back and learn the basics. The one page PDF at right will provide you with such.



Take the Quiz
So you’ve watched our videos and (hopefully) want to learn more. Take this brief 8 question quiz to see how well you really know us. And don’t worry, all scores are kept confidential (as in we won’t share them with your supervisor!). We’re going to go out on a limb and bet we’ll stump you on at least one question! Please note that a new browser window will open once you click on the link.